Making The Outdoors For Everyone.

More than 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt foresaw the crossroads at which we now stand. He said, “The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets that it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value.”

If we are to “turn over America’s natural resources to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value.” We must: Promote an outdoor culture where everyone feels safe and welcome to participate! 


Exposing stories of minorities that have been overlooked in the history of the outdoors. 

Unify the Industry

Bring commercial companies and non-profits the tools needed to help unify for minorities in all spaces.  


Investing in the future of minority leadership with scholarship funds. 

Urban Areas

Engage potential outdoor enthusiasts from cities where opportunity is less frequent. 

Outdoor Events

Build welcoming events that minorities can feel safe and welcomed to build their skills. 

Build Community

The long-term goal to build a safer, and more welcoming outdoor community. 

A Clear Vision into the Future.

Expanding the narrative of the outdoors through education, engagement, and media to form a multicultural community of life long outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

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Americans participated in hunting & fishing in 2016
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of total fishing population were minorities who reported participating in fishing in 2016 (by race).
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of the total fishing Population were women who Reported Fishing in 2016.
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of total hunting population were minorities who reported participating in hunting in 2016 (by race).
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of the total hunting population were women who reported fishing in 2016.

Building the MOA Mission

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Interested In Helping our Mission?

Help us reach our operation goal of $200,000 so that we can begin working towards the future of diversity in the outdoor space. 

Power of Diversity

A more diverse outdoor space means a stronger future for hunting and fishing

Education & Research
Engagement & Advocacy
Media & Publication
Leadership Building


Invisibility and the Power of Representation

What defines you? What defines your community?

I am a woman, a wife, and a friend. I am a hunter, an engineer, and a writer. My politics lean left of center and I am more comfortable around dogs than I am around people. That’s me.

The last several months have prompted me to reflect on the ideas of inclusivity and representation. What is my community and what do I want it to represent? As my social media feed splinters into “us” versus “them”, I hover over the unfollow button. I don’t have the energy to entertain viewpoints that differ much from my own. But isn’t that mentality what got us here in the first place?

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By the Call of the Quail to Follow the Drinking Gourd

The Future of Diversity in Outdoor Spaces from Harriet Tubman to Today

There was always something truly special about the soloist’s voice on Communion Sunday that fills and swells the white walls of West Oakland Missionary Baptist Church.  At one point I was even a part of the choir, for a short time, but I do recall the time folks spent getting ready for their Sunday solo.  It was sung the church I grew up in which has been rooted in my family’s history, and I vividly remember my grandmomma Annie Jean singing solo on that first Sunday. 

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